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In order to keep up with the fastly changing technical inventions, we are always greatful for any kind of support with our projects. If you click the button below, you can check what tenders we won lately. We ask your apology, since these informations are only available in Hungarian.

new generation projects new generation support pallet production packaging solutions clever packaging solutions industrial use



We believe that supporting young talents is important. That's why we invite schools and career entrants to work with us on projects. In these times, the perfect combination of creativity and experience pulls together.

inventions and developments pallet production industrial packaging



Our work is also our hobby. We never stop experimenting and brainstorming on new techniques, products and innovations.

fair play workplace workforce industrial packaging raklap munkahelyteremtés egyedi raklap



Education is key to success and development. We hire professional teams to hold trainings and courses for each sectors of our company from time to time.

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