Our idea is to be an invisible partner of your production. We are punctual, always on time and keen on to have a professional behaviour in every situation. We built up a system, which works for itself without modification. Our factory is following the latest techniques. For us it is not enough to have modern tools, but also an aim to educate our employees from time to time in order to keep up with the fastly changing modernisation.


However we work with professional tools, we also consider friendliness and being direct an important aspect.We are planning long-term relationships with our customers, that's why we can't afford making mistakes or having misleading communication.

deMonich's team is also ready to create custom-made industrial packaging solutions for your products.

Our Capacity and Machinery

We are a company of 53 people at a 8300 m2 premises with 70 actively working machines. And yet we are 80% recycling all of our production leftover
We are able to produce 300 different types of product at the same time every day. Every year we work with about 14.000 m3 raw material
We have  two decades of experience and history and yet we are still emerging and willing to develop, making innovations from time to time

Branding and website created by Tonabi in 2016