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4090 Polgár, Papp tanya

deMonich team Polgár

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traditional pallets hagyományos raklap

Production Leader

István Szarka

+36 20 204-93-85

Our profile includes the manufacturing of pallets, wood plate page products, cases, storage units. These are needed at the dustless, moisture free, damage free transportation of the car industrial, computer technological, electronic industrial products, and food industrial foils. We also provide all kinds of packaging and storaging wooden products.


Hajnalka Kiss

+36 20 479-58-10

Our company has developed a case system made up from plywood and galvanized metal elements. This system can be ordered in a collapsible or in an elements drawn form with or without pallet, always in the desireble size. The cases protect the product due to their uniqe system even int he case of multiple reuse.

Bernadett Bálint
+36 20 992-75-78

complex packaging solutions.

Division Leader

Zoltán Lemák

+36 20 229-16-83

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