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Our Code of Ethics

Our company has set up a very strict ideology about employement policy and business ethics. We created our very own Code of Ethics, which contains all the requirements, protects the employees by the law, but we also completed it by our own thougts. Just to mention some of its parts, deMonich never makes differences on racessocial belongings or by genders. All the choices on hiring is based on qualification and the comformity for each field of works. We do not afford any verbal or phisycal abuse. All of the members in our company agrees with the idea of win - win situation in businesses, which means honesty and fairplay are a top priority when it comes work with or for someone. We also pay special attention to our colleagues' safety and our products high quality.

Inside Process

A fully comprehensive, integrated Quality Assurance System has been set up involving the Health and Environmental Control of the Workplace. By the coordination and a continuous development the processes are rather controlled, the traceability of the operation is improved, and the claims of the customers and accordingly the losses, are reduced.


Meeting the requirements of the audit on spot the outstanding quality as well as the permanent development of the manufacture are constantly guaranteed.

Quality Management System

deMonich Plc. aims to enlarge the number of the European customers committed to its products. Therefore a certified quality assurance system is introduced according to the Standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 with a main principle as follows: there are in the focus of our activity the continuous recognition of  customers’ demands, meeting them as flexibly and completely as possible and the improvement of their satisfaction. 

FSC: Number one aim of deMonich Plc. is to meet the recent social requirements and timber of possibly certified responsible sylviculture should built in the products.



ISPM15: Heat treatment is essentially necessary to enter the countries inside and outside Europe. We carry out this process according to the Standard FAO ISPM 15 with the main point of keeping the inside part of the timber at 56 °C as minimum for 30 minutes in order to eliminate virus, fungus and pest. The heat treated wood material is always documented by a minute in Hungarian. 

Environmental Control

There is an important aspect in our activities the protection and development of the environment.  For the sake of this purpose an environmental control system certified by the standard MSZ EN ISO 14001 has been introduced covering all processes of the operation. We emphasize as special importance to constantly develop the employees’ commitment to the protection of environment and to save both the material and energy.

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